Our Story

Our Story – Park East Group Inc.

In 2007 Park East was formed to provide exceptional accounting services in the Greater Cleveland Area. This was to be a different kind of company. One based on service,fast response and quality work at all times-no matter what.

We have no excuses policy.

  • So our founders used their accounting skills plus and small business backgrounds to systematically help entrepreneurs succeed.
  • We developed hands on training for managers,entrepreneurs,business owners and stakeholders.The training has proven results and is participant driven. The lessons learned have saved countless business from failure and is a point of pride in our company.

We serve clients across all industries across the U.S. We are planning speaking engagements in Miami ,Raleigh, Charlotte and D.C later on this year.

About US

Park East Group Inc. helps entrepreneurs become more successful. Since 2007, we have helped  entrepreneurs to successfully start, grow and develop their companies.

Park East accomplishes this through our suite of services  that solve the critical needs of entrepreneurs.

These needs include: 
  • Leadership training aimed at curbing cash flow issues,employee costs and operational expenses
  • Sales training that provides the tools and techniques needed for your success
  • Team building emphasizing the need for engagement and full support of the mission statement
  • Cash controls, internal procedures and education of accounting principals
  • Seminars to extol the purpose of investing in human resources

 Our Mission

Park East’s mission is to help all entrepreneurs succeed so they can create jobs, grow economies, offer customers better products and services, realize great personal satisfaction and wealth and invest in employees, vendors and the community to create a better society.

Our Values

  • Integrity. In all our work, we subscribe to the simple credo of saying what we will do and doing what we say.
  • Courage. We hold ourselves and our clients to extraordinarily high standards of performance, ethics, and accountability.
  • Positivity. We encourage our clients and each other to focus and act on what is doable and good, and to approach challenges and difficulties with a pro-active, problem-solving mindset.

Our Client Promises

  • We Honor YOUR Journey. We are here for YOU. We are fully committed to your success.Each and every client, is given our full effort to helping entrepreneurs – of  all sizes, aspirations, objectives, goals, dreams, and visions – to succeed.
  • We Deliver Quality. We are relentless in our pursuit of quality and your success.
  • We Are a Team. We  accomplish great things as a united unit. Your participation makes all of the difference.
  • We Are Efficient. We define and adhere to project roles, responsibilities, and timelines. We “get on with it,” and effectively utilize technology to collaborate, to connect, and to complete in real time to bring about your success.
  • We are Opportunistic and Strategic. We find the opportunities that define your success and implement winning strategies to take you there.

Our Team

Park East Group’s team members are seasoned entrepreneurs with professional backgrounds. Our collaborative environment ensures that each client benefits from the experience and insight of our team.

Matthew Beck – Co Founder

For over 18 years, Matthew has been working with small business owners in an accounting and consulting capacity.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Teaching entrepreneurs how to succeed with real world training
  • Reviewing the clients business to find opportunities for growth.
  • Engage in market research to evaluate the fit between the product and client need.
  • Creating cultures that are conducive to employee growth and engagement.
  • Educating entrepreneurs and non profits on the value of strategic partnerships
  • Develop and monitor metrics of success and monitor performance
  • Coach our client partners to insure meaningful experiences, personal growth and project value
  • Produce and integrate highest quality end-product

Park East Group

Support Team  

  • Leadership experts
  • Sales professionals
  • Bloggers, Writers and Publishers.
  • Motivational speakers
  • Graphic design team
  • Web Builders
  • SEO experts
  • Business planning professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Medical Consultants
  • Tech Start up entrepreneurs
  • International Business Professional Consultants
  • CPA Partners
  • Medical Doctors , Anesthesiologists, Chiropractor’s, Eye Doctors , Pharmacy Teams
  • Compliance specialists.
  • SBA partners,
  • Venture Capitalists.

Julissa Nameth – Staff Accountant

Julissa is our staff accountant. She spends countless hours preparing financials that are used to make critical business decisions. Her dedication to clients projects becomes the basis for our financial analysis and business planning.

Skills and Attributes:
  • Ability to handle large, complex projects
  • Expert level understanding of start up consulting, business processes and strategic planning
  • A strategic thinker with a strong business background with the ability to see the big picture and pay attention to detail
  • Ability to grow and expand client relationships
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong client leadership skills – can connect with clients and inspire their confidence and ongoing commitment
  • Passionate about having measurable impact on clients business


Our Story - Park East Group Inc. Our Story - Park East Group Inc. Our Story - Park East Group Inc.