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Business Writing and Copy-writing:

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Business writing is critical to the success of most business professionals.The ability to communicate clearly to your target audience could be the difference between success and failure. 

Your customers,prospects and vendors have to gain a complete understanding of your message without effort. You are on the right website and have found the best people to write for you .

We offer four types of business writing:

  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Proof Reading and Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Resumes and Cover Letters

Articles and Blog Posts

In business it is very important to keep your audience engaged with fresh content. Your following wants to learn more about your business.

Your customers want to share in your success and learn about your ventures. When your customers,prospects and vendors read your blog posts they feel like they know you. When you have this level of buy in from your audience you will have more loyalty from your fan base and more referrals since they know more about what you do- and how to refer you.

In order to achieve your business writing goals you will need someone who understands the type of business you are in- as well as the technical aspects of using key words with Google in order to get the page ranking to be found.

Over the years we have mastered this skill. Key words are woven into your article along with key headings ,titles,tags and description to get you noticed ahead of all other competitors.

Proof Reading and Editing

Quality work makes all of the difference.Grammar and spelling mistakes prevent the reader from establishing trust in your message. The result is a rapid loss of interest and orders not being placed with your company. Our team has 3 levels of quality control in order to proof read your document and edit in a manner that makes the content flow easier- without loosing the message. Often writers are frustrated with editors as their key ideas are removed from the page. This is not a practice we engage in. You will get to know your editor and we will work as a team to bring out your best on the page.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a style of writing that is not restricted by academic,legal, technical or journalistic boundaries.Many small business writers,bloggers and professionals seek our assistance in writing posts,blogs,web updates or newsletters for their organization.Creative writing is fun – but it has to be done in a clear and concise manner that articulates your message, so your goals are achieved. We have written for companies and individuals from around the world. This is an area we excel at. 

Resumes and Cover Letters

We are a company and we get resumes and cover letters all of the time.It is amazing how fast we discard the poor ones. The poor ones are generic and do not tell enough about the applicant for us to desire any more knowledge.

The perfect candidate could be sitting in that pile of papers – but without a well written resume or cover letter they failed to capture enough interest to merit a second look.

The best people to write resumes and cover letters are the people who are swamped with them- we know how to pick the best- and hence provide you with the best resume and cover letter. Give us the chance to help you, we will celebrate in your success as the hiring managers call your number from the stack of thousands on their desk. It is not an accident the other persons phone rang who has similar qualifications. The next time it will be different.

Give us the chance to prove ourselves. You will not be disappointed.

Westlake Business Writing 

Key requirements to tell us when you call:

  • What type of business writing you need
  • When you need the document
  • The number of words in your post,blog,article, newsletter,press release or communication
  • Key words

About your business:

It is great to learn more about your industry and your key requirements. The more I can learn about your needs the better the result.

Please provide:

  • Your Business name
  • Industry
  • Competitive advantage we can feature 
  • Your key products and services
  • Years in business


There is a wide variety of needs in the market place. Call today for a custom quote. Generally an article of 400 words of less is $40.00 the price for 800 words is $80.00

If there is a pressing time constraint and the project has to be expedited a small fee of $25 will apply. 

For larger projects including E books, call us and we can talk it over.

Who can order from us:

It is not necessary for you to live in the Cleveland area or even Ohio. We help customers across the US and World. A simple phone call is all we need to get started.

  • Call 440 533 9224 to learn more

Who will write for you? Introducing Matthew Beck

Matthew Beck Park East Group

  • Nationally published author with Ezine.**
  • Credentials include Expert Author status.
  • Google Plus Award via Ezine Nationally Published Author Award
  • Managing Partner at Park East Group- a national business consulting firm, where the impossible is made possible every day !

** A national publishing company.

Articles  Matthew has written for your review: 

Westlake Business Writing and Copy-writing   Westlake Business Writing and Copy-writing Westlake Business Writing and Copy-writing Westlake Business Writing and Copy-writing


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